Iperius Backup 6.0.2


Новые характеристики
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Устранены баги

Iperius Backup 6.0


Новые характеристики
  • New Drive Image Backup: proprietary engine, disk cloning, P2V conversion, instant restore on Hyper-V
  • Bare metal recovery: possibility to create a Iperius recovery disk, without needing the Windows installation disk (USB or ISO recovery drive).
  • Iperius Recovery Environment®: the new Iperius boot environment to easily restore image backups, even on different hardware
  • New Iperius Console: improved interface, list of jobs scheduled but not executed, detailed statistics, ability to update the Console Agent, realtime information on disks, CPU, antivirus and processes on remote computers, improved the remote setting of the job schedulings.
Устранены баги
  • VMware ESXi Backup: Now when a VM backup is copied to a job destination, only the VM folder is copied and not all of the destination folder
  • MySQL backup: now the blob / binary fields are exported in hexadecimal format (hexblob)
  • Fixed a problem in linking VHD / VHDX files to restore individual files on French language systems.

Iperius Backup 5.8.6


Новые характеристики
  • Some minor improvements
Устранены баги
  • Fixed an error uploading zip files to Google Drive
  • Fixed an error in backing up SQL Server transaction logs on some systems

Iperius Backup 5.8.5


Новые характеристики
  • Iperius is compatible with Windows Server 2019
  • Cloud and FTP backup: now you can create full backups + incremental or differential copies even with zip compression
  • SQL Server: it is now possible to backup the transaction logs, with file truncation and shrinking
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Устранены баги
  • Fixed a problem in displaying the contents of VHD / VHDX files
  • Fixed a bucket creation error in the backup on Amazon S3
  • Backup on OneDrive: increased the maximum upload size for single files to 15 GB
  • Fixed an error connecting to Azure Storage if the HTTPS option was explicitly enabled
  • When the special variable INDIVIDUAL_SUBFILES was used, the software did not take into account the excluded extensions
  • Some minor bugs fixed